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Press Release

    Kosher Tea Celebrates Victory in NY-9 Special Election


    WASHINGTON, DC- Today, FreedomWorks’ Kosher Tea campaign celebrates fiscal conservative Bob Turner’s victory in the NY-9 Special Election, a district with a Jewish population of 40 percent, and three Democrats for every one registered Republican voter.  

    “This underdog victory is evidence that Jewish voters are saying no to the Obama liberal agenda of big government and out-of control spending,” commented David Spielman, Campaigns Coordinator for FreedomWorks and founder of Kosher Tea. “Jewish voters no longer passively participate in the political process and automatically pull the lever for Democratic candidates.”

    Kosher Tea and FreedomWorks believe that the tea party agenda of lower taxes and limited government resonates with Jewish voters across America, and represents another step in the ongoing process to reach out to groups not typically considered part of the tea party movement, but ultimately vital to the success of its free market mission in 2012 and beyond.

    In the upcoming months, Kosher Tea will launch an expansive Get Out The Vote (GOTV) campaign to counter liberal attempts to court the Jewish vote, similar to comedian Sarah Silverman’s “Great Schlep” of 2008.   

    “Traditional Jewish values like family and fiscal responsibility have much more in common with conservatism than most Jews realize,” Spielman commented. “But the unfortunate reality right now is that Jewish Americans are overwhelmingly liberal, and as a Jew you’re expected by your community to fall in line.”

    The Kosher Tea campaign began in August with a visit to Israel to organize the first Israeli tea party meeting in Tel Aviv. The event attracted dozens of free market supporters and activists to the city to discuss philosophy and organizing strategy with FreedomWorks staffers and 15 tea party leaders from all over America.

    The Kosher Tea campaign will continue its GOTV efforts into 2012, hoping to carry the momentum from the NY-9 victory into heavily Jewish states like Florida, Ohio, and New Jersey. GOTV efforts will include phone calls from Israeli tea partiers to Jewish Americans, door-knocking and literature campaigns in Jewish neighborhoods and messaging focus on the similarities between Jewish culture and the values of the tea party movement.

    “President Obama has alienated many Jewish voters since 2008,” said Spielman. “We want to show them there’s another way.”