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Massachusetts' Message: Stop Wasteful Spending

According to the Associated Press, the White House interpreted Senator Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts as a sign to start focusing on jobs:

Their conclusion was that the economy — jobs specifically and the broader topics of the nation's fiscal and financial health — must be priority No. 1.

Massachusetts unemployment rate has risen to 9.4 percent which is slightly below the nation's average 10 percent unemployment rate.  Reports claim that Obama will now diverge his focus onto promoting more of his costly economic "recovery" plans. Which include:

—New spending for highway and bridge construction.

—Tax cuts for small businesses that increase their payrolls

—Money to retrofit millions of homes to be more energy-efficient and create "green" jobs.

—Funds to help state and local governments avert layoffs of public-sector employees.

Various political analysts claim that Republican Senator Brown's successful race confirms that Massachusetts citizens are increasingly discouraged by the Obama administration's failing economic policy. These latest reckless spending proposals do not differ from Obama's first failed massive economic stimulus plan. The proposed tax cuts will help small businesses; however, these tax cuts should be extended to all businesses in order to significantly increase payrolls. It is predicted that Obama's "new" agendas will also be as wasteful and ineffectual at stemming job growth. According to the Washington Times,

Notwithstanding the shift in terminology, the president's new plan is nothing more than another serving of his old, failed stimulus plan. It calls for another massive dose of "infrastructure spending" — up to $50 billion more for roads, trolleys, trains and sewer systems. Such spending has proved one of the most impotent components of last year's American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Newly elected Scott Brown ran on the principles of fiscally responsibility. By electing him, the message that Massachusetts sent was clear and simple: stop spending. Obama uncontrollably throwing billions more tax-dollars at the economy hoping for a different outcome is not what the American people desire. The American people want job growth. This feat can only be accomplished by lowering taxes and spending less.