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Press Release

Michigan CSE “Welcomes” Howard Dean


Members of Michigan Citizens for a Sound Economy (MI CSE) welcomed Democrat presidential candidate Howard Dean to Michigan today with a protest against his support for tax increases.

Citizen members of MI CSE gathered to protest because Mr. Dean has called for the repeal of the President’s tax cuts and citizens do not want vital tax relief snatched back from them. Taking away tax cuts will lead to more spending and will threaten the burgeoning economic growth we are currently experiencing.

Mr. Dean claims to be the fiscally responsible candidate in the Democrat presidential primary, but he’s sounding just like every other candidate – more taxes for more spending.

Randall Thompson, one of the citizens who attended the protest, and his wife are raising four children on one income so that Mrs. Thompson can be a stay at home mom. Mr. Thompson said that the Bush tax cuts have helped his family’s finances and that taking away that tax relief would be a significant burden.

“With four kids and one income, the Bush taxes cuts have been a big help financially,” said Mr. Thompson. “They have enabled us to make future plans in anticipation of a lower tax bill.”

“Taking away the rate reductions and the child tax credit would be very hard for our family to financially absorb.”