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Obama seeks $250 checks for seniors


Democracy and Power 103:  Government money

 In general, the art of government consists in taking as much money as possible from one party of the citizens to give to the other. – Voltaire (1764)

 The money taxed and spent by the politicians comes from the labor and ingenuity of millions of working persons.  Politicians spend other peoples’ money.

The politician transfers money from productive people, to mostly favored special interest groups.

  Obama seeks $250 checks for seniors


 President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid intend to give $250 to every person on Social Security.  With elections approaching, this is an unashamed scheme to buy the seniors' votes.  The total cost is $14 billion!

This political pandering reveals the arbitrary and corrupt nature of politics in America, which diminishes personal freedom and damages a stable legal order.

First, this is a blatant abuse of the enormous power of government, which has the power to tax, imprison and even take a person's life.  Obama, Pelosi and Reid are seeking to use the power of government to take money from working Americans and give the money to a special interest group - mostly seniors that vote heavily. 

Second, this is legalized theft from those paying taxes.  Ultimately, fourteen billion must be paid by working Americans.

Third, each person taxed loses the freedom to use the gains from his or her labor.  Every person taxed loses the right and opportunity to decide how to invest and spend their money.

Fourth, this arbitrary tax and random gift is a violation of a predictable and stable legal order.  A stable and predictable legal order allows all citizens to plan their personal and economic decisions.  A stable and predicable legal order is the basis of America's exceptional prosperity and freedom.

This little "earmark" of $250 for every person on Social Security is not an aberration.  Two months ago Obama, Reid and Pelosi sent “stimulus money” to the states allegedly to prevent teacher layoffs, again pandering to a special interest group – public employees.

 Alas, Republicans and Democrats have long granted special favors in exchange for campaign contributions and votes.  The accumulation of these corruptions has caused our present economic crisis.

Fortunately, America has become aware of these abuses, and has spontaneously and forcefully demanded good governance.  Or as Scott Rasmussen and Douglas Schoen state in their book, Mad as Hell,

“The dissatisfaction in the American electorate with the established political order—particularly with regard to Congressional leadership and the president—has led the Tea Party movement to become as potent a force as any political party in the United States.  And contrary to many inside-the-beltway analyses, it shows no sign of going away.  In fact, in only gets stronger and stronger.”

Remarkably and fortunately, The Tea Party movement has the power to force good governance.  Join FreedomWorks for less taxes, smaller government, and more freedom.  The real work begins November 3rd, immediately after the elections.