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Republicans are getting more libertarian, because America is

This morning, the ever-insightful Conn Carroll of the Washington Examiner observes that, on just about every issue you can think of, the Republican party is becoming more libertarian. He notes: 

Some Republicans used to like Keynesian stimulus, now they don't. Libertarians never did. Some Republicans used to like individual mandates, now they don't. Libertarians never did. Some Republicans used to like cap and trade, now they don't. Libertarians never did. You get the idea. There is a reason Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., has been speaking so highly of Ron Paul. . . . The fact is, Americans are just becoming more libertarian. Republican leaders are only responding to those changing beliefs. That may be frustrating for a policy wonk who wants to see as much power transferred to Washington, D.C., as possible, but the American people just have a diametrically opposed view of which direction the country should be going.

To borrow a memorable phrase from the tumultuous '60s, you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. Despite the greatly exaggerated reports of the "death of the tea party," the political wind is undeniably blowing against more bailouts and debt, and toward smaller, constitutionally limited government. If the tea party is "dead," it's because tea party ideas have taken over the GOP.

Twenty-twelve may belong to Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum. But the future belongs to Ron Paul.

Dean Clancy is FreedomWorks' Legislative Counsel and Vice President, Health Care Policy

Link to Carroll's blog post

teda's picture
Ted Abram

The Tea Party rebellion is a spontaneous response by thousands of Americans to the incompetence and corruption of government. Today, more and more citizens are seeking community solutions to societal problems. As the Tea Party rebellion grows, the politicians will respond with less government and will devolve programs back to the states and the people. Know: Rarely are politicians leaders. They respond to the voters. Expanding the Tea Party rebellion is essential to restoring freedom and prosperity in America.

monty wono

But Steve, it can't be ignored. It may not be all the tea party is about but it's surely a good sized part of it. In any case, that's not the debate. I would like to hear some rational backup of the notion that libertarianism is making some kind of resurgence. In fact, I would like to hear some examples of libertarianism 'ever' being a force to reckon with. Until then, I'll continue to see it as wishful thinking from the fringe and pie in the sky ideas with no footing in actual practice. Sadly, we will never ever get to the point where we will see any of Ron Paul's ideas put to the test. The test at least being, a debate with Obama where Ron Paul has to 'really' stand behind his crazed ideology.
Would you like to try to do it for him Steve? How about Dean or Conn?

Steve Nickerson

You started a credible argument until you pulled out the ad hominem racism card

monty wono

Steve, Ron Paul has a credible foreign policy but it's so far out of line with politics in the country that it doesn't stand any chance. Here then is proof that libertarianism is going nowhere. And their gold standard hogwash is just as wacky and unacceptable to the electorate. In fact Steve, for the tea partiers to go libertarian on social issues such as healthcare and social security they would have to cut their noses off to spite their faces. They never will go that far, they'll disappear back into the holes before it comes to that. Their racism will only carry it so far!

monty wono

I think that the only reason why Ron Paul is still hanging in there is because the rest of the candidates are so incredibly bad. Actually it should be embarrassing for conservatives. Steve above just said it in a different way. Ron Paul is going nowhere fast and he will soon be completely sidelined. Even real libertarians as reside at the supplyside forum know not to support him in any real way.

Unfortunately for the libertarians, their agenda can't be supported in any real way. Ask questions of their philosophy and you'll get anger and a phony line about nobody understanding. And when it boils right down to it, the libertarian's support, as well as Ron Paul's support and the tea party support is from nobody but haters and racists.
Yes, the tea partiers have been sidelined and forgotten and that is why they don't have a voice in presidential politics.

Steve Nickerson

If this were so, Romney and Santorum wouldn't be leading the race. Neither one could be called a hands off legislator
Paul ( if he had a real foreign policy ) and Gingrich would be