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In September, Congress is Less Popular Than...

Happy Constitution Day!

On this uniquely American day, how do the people view their government? New poll results indicate that Congress is still out of touch and has a long way to go before it represents its constituency. 

The good news is that Congressional approval is up 4% from last month, and is now at the highest point in nearly a year. The bad news is that it was a pretty low bar. Only 19 percent of Americans approve of the job Congress is doing. Yikes. Where does that put Congress as compared to other things?

Nineteen percent approval makes Congress less popular than banks, big business, and colonoscopies. A 19 percent on a test would be a low F. Only 37 percent of Americans wouldn’t try to avoid a root canal, making root canals much easier to stomach than the job that congress is doing. A full third of Americans like doing their taxes, making this odious annual chore significantly more acceptable than Congress’ work. Americans increasingly distrust the news, whether that be in print or television. Yet, the confidence that Americans have in these organizations is, you guessed it, higher than Congressional approval. That’s pretty dismal.

Now, let’s take a look at the bright side. Their rating has climbed a bit.  Could it be because they were on vacation during August and doing little harm to our liberty and our wallets? Maybe.  It may also be the increased attention some members of Congress are putting on the need to Defund ObamaCare and listening to the voices of their constituents.  Now is not the time to go against the will of the American people, especially if it means supporting something as unpopular as the Internet Sales Tax. Congress is the only thing keeping Obama’s destructive agenda in check, and for that, we thank them. They just need to seal the deal, defund ObamaCare and hold firm on the upcoming spending battles.