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Sick of SCHIP Yet?


With little fanfare, President Bush vetoed the dreaded SCHIP for the second time last night. The Washington Times has the full story here. Bush’s comments are pretty much right on - SCHIP puts too many adults and people who can afford their own insurance on the government rolls. The President even seemed to acknowledge, however ambiguously, what the rest of us all know (SCHIP is a socialized medicine ruse) saying , “…it moves our country’s health care system in the wrong direction.”

The fact that the President also said we need to move children from government to private insurance is an important statement to make. Private insurance costs can be high - and for a number of reasons - but removing the healthiest population (kids) from the private health insurance pool with drive those prices even higher. Insurance providers gamble - they gamble they you won’t get sick and that they’ll still get a premium each month. Without the monthly pay check for a pretty much healthy kid who occasionally gets an ear infection, health insurance providers will have to pay out more and more for an increasingly small group of increasingly sick people.

And this very well might be the Dems plan to break the back of health care completely as we march relentlessly toward the brink of universal health care.