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Press Release

    Taking on Tax-Crazy Legislators in Oregon


    As if we were not taxed enough in Oregon, take a look at what the politicians in Salem are proposing this year:

    Corporate Minimum Restructuring (LRO): $151 million

    Cigarette Tax (GRB): $181.7 million

    Provider Tax (renewal) (GRB): $191.4 million

    Nursing Facilities Provider Tax (renewal) (GRB): $40.4 million

    Auto Insurance Tax (GRB): $25 million

    HB 2530 (Sales Tax): $800 million

    HB 2347 (Beer and Wine Tax): unspecified

    Total: $1.3895 billion in new taxes

    If you are as concerned as I am about these new tax proposals, please send me an email. I can be reached at or call me at 888-893-0497.