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Tax Code too Complicated for Obama's Team


Several of Obama’s cabinet picks have had trouble paying their taxes.  Timothy Geither, Treasury secretary, owed $34,000 in unpaid taxes on income while working for the International Monetary Fund.  Nancy Killefer, Obama’s chief performance officer appointee withdrew from her cabinet bid over unpaid payroll taxes for her household help, and Tom Daschle, former Health and Human Services secretary appointee owed $128,000 in back taxes.

If these people can’t figure out what they owe, I don’t see how the IRS can possibly expect everyone else to get it right.  I can’t imagine all three of the appointees purposely avoiding taxes, especially with what it has cost them now.

If the Treasury Secretary, among others, can’t figure out how much to pay, then the tax code is too complicated.  He and the other appointees should be advocating the much simpler flat tax.