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Press Release

Telecom Reform Victory in Illinois

FreedomWorks applauds Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich for his
signature on SB 1700, the Public Utilities Act. The legislation, intended to increase cable competition, was sponsored by Sen. James Clayborne and Rep. James Brosnahan. FreedomWorks’ Illinois activists labored since 2005 to bring cable choice to Illinois, and FreedomWorks proudly congratulates the Illinois legislature for taking the lead on this important legislation.

The regulations in place prior to the signing of SB 1700 were reflective of a time when separate companies provided phone, power, and cable services. The regulations required that businesses seek individual franchising rights from every city and town in Illinois.

New technology allows providers to integrate all of these services, and has rendered decades old laws obsolete. SB 1700 takes pricing decisions out of the hands of bureaucrats, allowing them to be made in the market. The Public Utilities Act provides the market conditions for companies to invest in the telecommunications infrastructure needed to provide Illinois with a first class telecom infrastructure.

FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe commented:

“The push for cable choice and better consumer services is quickly reaching the twenty state mark. Illinois citizens will finally be able to experience the savings and services that come with increased competition. The federal government is dragging its feet on this issue, so we congratulate the Illinois legislature for taking matters into its own hands.”