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Press Release

    Tom Gaitens is the FreedomWorks Minuteman of the Month for November


    Tom Gaitens worked tirelessly for economic freedom this election cycle. He stepped beyond the call of duty in the crucial swing state of Florida to become Minuteman of the Month for November 2003.

    Tom’s hard work earned him the title of Voluntary Chapter Leader for Hillsborough Country in Central Florida. Instead of resting on his laurels, Tom immediately went to work, promoting free markets and limited government by attending a number political events and signing up new members.

    Tom also was an invaluable asset for Florida FreedomWorks’s Get Out the Vote (GOTV) grassroots education campaign. He organized door to door walks, helped with phone banking, and distributing Social Security Reform booklets.

    Although Tom is relatively new to FreedomWorks, he is a seasoned veteran in the fight for liberty. Tom was formerly President of the Tampa Bay Young Republicans and once Director of the Tampa Bay Political Council and Public Speaking. He was also the owner of a campaign consulting company from 1991 to 1996, where he focused on races and individuals who shared his conservative beliefs.

    Florida FreedomWorks Director John Hallman commented:

    “In just a short time, Tom has done an incredible job promoting FreedomWorks and mobilizing activist in central Florida. His political experience and knowledge is a great asset to Florida FreedomWorks. Hard work by activists like Tom Gaitens allowed FreedomWorks to reach an unprecedented number of citizens this election cycle.”

    Tom currently resides in Apollo Beach, Florida near Tampa Bay with his wife Tina and their two children Reagan and Reilly. He is currently the Vice-President of Operations for McDaniel Trading, Inc.