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Issue Analysis

Urge PA Lawmakers to Vote Yes On SB1

Today, the Pennsylvania Senate Appropriations Committee is voting on Senate Bill 1, the "Opportunity Scholarship and Educational Improvement Tax Credit Act."  Senate Bill 1 will allow students from failing and often violent schools the opportunity to pick the school of their choice regardless of zip code.  SB1 will grant low-income children in low-achieving schools a scholarship to attend a better public or private school of their choice without raising taxes or spending more money. If this legislation passes it will force schools to compete and answer directly to the student and not special interests like the teachers union (PSEA). 

I urge you to make your voices heard by contacting the list of Senators below and and asking them to vote, "YES" on Senate Bill 1, the "Opportunity Scholarship and Educational Improvement Tax Credit Act." To sign our petition click here!


GOP Senators

John Gordner 717-787-8928

Robert Tomlinson 717-787-5072

Patricia Vance 717-787-8524

Charles Mcllhinney Jr. 717-787-7305

Jame Earll 717-787-8927

Gene Yaw 717-787-3280

Elder Vogel 717-787-3076


Democratic Senators

Lisa Boscola 717-787-4236

Andy Dinniman 717-787-5709

Larry Farnese 717-787-5662

Shirley Kitchen 717-787-6735

John Yudichak 717-787-7105

For more information on SB1