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Your child’s private info is being compiled into a massive database

For the last twelve months, we’ve watched conservative Republicans in Congress rail against unconstitutional NSA spying and the targeting of tea party groups by the IRS. Many question why government needs access to all of our information in the first place.

IRS Takes One From the NSA Playbook

IRS Takes One From the NSA Playbook

The IRS has been the nation’s tax officer for more than a century, and tax collecting is what it has always done, until now. The IRS is being placed in charge of enforcing ObamaCare, the President’s signature legislative accomplishment. Now that the American people have had a chance to read the law, a majority still oppose it, and a near-majority would support defunding it. Another thing the American people have recently discovered is that the IRS has been systematically discriminating against Conservative and Tea Party non-profits. The IRS is an agency out of control.