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Cronyism is Killing America

The growth of America’s government may soon be outpaced by growth of the average waistline new indicators reveal. Rates of obesity have been increasing over the past several decades, but are now reaching some incredible levels. Currently it's estimated that well over one-third of adults are classified as obese and nearly two-thirds are classified as overweight. Perhaps more distressing is the recent discovery that one in six children are suffering from obesity.

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Cut Cronyism and Calories

The only thing growing faster than the government, it seems, is the waistline of the average American. Obesity rates have been on the rise over the past several decades, but are now reaching some incredible heights. Nearly two-thirds of the country are now considered overweight or obese and more than one in twenty are considered extremely obese.

Get Out of Obamacare Free!!!
Issue Analysis

Get Out of Obamacare Free!!!

          Claude Frédéric Bastiat was a nineteenth century French political and economic philosopher who warned the people in his writings about the dangers of the abuse of law and the nature of government.  Bastiat states that the law should be established only to protect a citizen’s life, liberty, and property.  Furthermore he w