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President Bush: Standing Firm to Protect People and the Planet

on 6/12/01.

Today, Citizens for a Sound Economy's (CSE) 280,000 citizen activists voiced their active support for President Bush and his remarks yesterday regarding global climate change.
Paul Beckner, president of CSE, issued the following statement regarding the president's comments on global climate change:
"CSE's activists could not have hoped for anything better than what President Bush delivered in his remarks on global climate change on June 11.
"Unlike many, President Bush understood the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) report on global climate change. In particular, the president pointed out that the report found a lack of concrete evidence to link human activity to global warming.
"Furthermore, with respect to CO2 emissions, the president rightly pointed out that while the US does emit more than any other nation, there is one key fact that many forget: the US also produces one quarter of the world's goods. He also pointed out that if we produce 20 percent of the world's emissions, the rest of the world produces 80 percent. This is important because it seems that other countries view the US as the only country that emits CO2.
"Lastly, President Bush pointed out that the Kyoto Protocol is 'fatally flawed.' We couldn't agree more. Even former Clinton White House officials are coming forward to say that complying with Kyoto's mandatory reductions in greenhouse gases would be more difficult and more expensive for American consumers than originally thought.
"The president understands that, through technological advances, the US is the cleanest, most energy efficient industrial nation in the world. CSE and our thousands of activists from across the country wish to thank President Bush for taking this courageous stand to protect people as well as the planet."