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Press Release

CSE Launches Telecom Ad Campaign in Illinois

The telecommunications policy debate in Illinois is at a crucial point, and CSE is working to educate state policymakers and our grassroots members on the benefits of telecom regulatory reform.

Part of this campaign includes print advertising that is currently running in Springfield and Chicago newspapers.

The ad is partly a response to an effort by AT&T and others to expand price controls in Illinois.

The ad text reads:


Citizens for a Sound Economy believes that market competition, not more regulations, will bring lower prices and more options for consumers. It’s hard to raise prices when customers can freely choose from wireless service, broadband providers, cable companies, and packages offered by local phone companies.

Unfortunately, AT&T is fighting for government price controls that would be bad for Illinois, holding back jobs and investment in new technology. AT&T would have you believe that higher wholesale rates automatically mean higher retail prices, even though the company charges the same rate in nearly every state – regardless of their wholesale price.

Consumers deserve a choice, and companies should compete for their business through innovation, price, and quality – not price controls. That’s our stand.

Citizens for a Sound Economy"

Click here to view a .pdf version of the Springfield Ad

Click here to view a .pdf version of the Chicago Ad