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FreedomWorks Meets Senator Bill Frist in Iowa


FreedomWorks Meets Senator Bill Frist in Iowa

IOWA.  Huge kudos to FreedomWorks Iowa Super Activist Doug Halsted – he fearlessly went toe-to-toe through the crowds at the Iowa State Fair last week to ask Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) the question: “Are you committed to bringing the Telecom bill to the floor this fall?”  Sen. Frist responded  (paraphrased): “I’ve got 15 legislative days left and getting to 60 votes is going to be tough.  People are sidetracked by net neutrality.  Where are you guys on that?”

Doug stepped up, asking,  “What do you need from us?”

Sen. Frist replied, “You need to contact Stevens’ office to find out who’s on the margin and get them to support this.”

Additionally, Sen. Frist liked the FW “Lower Taxes, Less Government, More Individual Freedom” t-shirts we sported.  Sen. Frist even added that it should also say “Less regulation.”  No doubt!