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Press Release

FreedomWorks Stands Tall at McCain Event in South Carolina


SPARTANBURG, SOUTH CAROLINA.  Presidential politics are already gearing up in the Palmetto State, and FreedomWorks members are on the ground demanding that potential candidates address the key Freedom Agenda issues facing the nation.

On February 18th, FreedomWorks activists attended an event that featured Senator John McCain.  Of the 200 people attending the Sunday afternoon event, 10 were FreedomWorks members. They report that Sen. McCain  stressed following issues:

1) supports Social Security Reform 2) veto all earmarks

A number of state officials were traveling with Sen. McCain, including  former Gov. Keeting, former Sen. Phil Gramm, current Senator Lindsay Graham, the Speaker of the South Carolina House, and the South Carolina Attorney General.  Among the photos below are the location sign and pictures of FreedomWorks activist Amanda Page handing Sen. McCain a copy of the Freedom Agenda, FreedomWorks member Wayne King with McCain, and Sen. Phil Gramm endorsing McCain.