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Press Release

Libertarian Party of Colorado Presents FreedomWorks with Partner of Liberty Award

At the Libertarian Party of Colorado’s Annual Awards Banquet held in Denver on February 23, 2006, FreedomWorks was awarded the “Partner of Liberty Award.” This award is given to the non-partisan group that most actively advanced the causes of limited government and personal freedom in the state. FreedomWorks Colorado State Director Beth Skinner was also recognized as the runner-up for the "Friend of Liberty" award. Skinner was chosen in recognition for her contributions to the general pro-liberty movement.

Libertarian Party of Colorado Chairman Travis Nicks commented, “the Libertarian Party appreciates the hard work of FreedomWorks in Colorado. We look forward to working with FreedomWorks in future on issues such as fighting for TABOR and to protecting property rights.”

Beth Skinner was pleased and honored to receive the award on behalf of Colorado FreedomWorks and to be recognized for her individual efforts. “Colorado FreedomWorks is truly a grassroots organization and if anybody understands grassroots it's the Libertarians, so for them to decide that we deserve these awards is humbling and I am truly honored. The things that really stand out for me about the Libertarian Party of Colorado - they show up, they're consistent in their beliefs and they really know how to throw a party,” said Skinner.

Over the last year Colorado FreedomWorks battled to stop Referendum C, the biggest tax increase in Colorado's history. Despite being considerably outspent by our opponents, FreedomWorks still managed to garner 48 percent of the vote, meaning nearly half of the voters still clearly believe they can manage their money better than the government. Tax and spend politicians should take that message very seriously.

FreedomWorks is currently involved in the effort to collect signatures to place the issue that would end eminent domain abuse on the ballot for the fall of 2006 along with the folks from Colorado Citizens for Property Rights and the Libertarian Party. In addition to the state and local issues, Colorado FreedomWorks will also continue to work on federal issues such as Social Security reform, the Digital Age Communications Act, and lawsuit tort reform.

FreedomWorks is a national grassroots organization with more than 800,000 members nationwide and 11,000 in Colorado promoting lower taxes, less government, and more freedom.