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Press Release

Nevada Supreme Court Adds to Budget Chaos

In one of the most stunning decisions in the state’s history, the Nevada Supreme Court last week circumvented the state’s constitution and ruled that the state legislature needs only a simple majority vote to raise taxes in the state. The decision was a result of Gov. Kenny Guinn’s lawsuit against state lawmakers following the absence of a state budget to fund public schools by the July 1 deadline.

On Sunday, without the constitutional amendment requiring a supermajority to pass tax increases, the state Assembly passed a budget with roughly $800 million in new taxes, a record tax increase for Nevada that the Senate has since dismissed.

The Supreme Court’s ruling to simply bypass a constitutional amendment, an amendment that was approved by 70% of Nevada citizens, is an outrage! The governor and other tax-and-spend politicians are utilizing a liberal court to raise taxes and promote their own agenda.

At the urging of our Nevada membership, CSE has launched a petition demanding the Nevada legislature investigate the actions of the Supreme Court. Nevada citizens have the right to know the truth behind the efforts to increase taxes and the hidden agenda of the state’s Supreme Court.

To make this effort a success, CSE needs your help!

1. Click on this link to sign the petition
2. Forward this email to as many fellow Nevadans as you can so they can sign the petition
3. Call our toll-free member hotline at 1-888-564-6273 to find out more about the efforts to stop the tax increases in Nevada and hold the Supreme Court responsible for breaching the Constitution!