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Press Release

South Carolina Senate Fact #1: Tenenbaum Supports Tax Hikes

Inez Tenenbaum, candidate for South Carolina’s U.S. Senate seat, has promised to raise taxes. She told The Rock Hill Herald’s editorial board that “like Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry [she] would favor rolling back the [Bush] tax cut for the country's wealthiest Americans.” (The Rock Hill Herald, 4/16/04) That tax increase will reduce incentives to work and hit millions of small businesses that are taxed at the individual income tax rate, small businesses which provide the economy with 75 percent of net new jobs.

The result: less private capital available for investment— hurting our economy and costing jobs.

Representative Jim DeMint, on the other hand, signed the FreedomWorks Candidate Survey and pledged not to raise any taxes.

More importantly: DeMint has never voted for a tax increase in Congress.

On taxes, South Carolina has a clear choice.

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