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Press Release

Support Property Tax Reform for Florida!

FreedomWorks is actively supporting efforts to limit property taxes on Floridians. There are a variety of efforts underway to try and make property tax relief a reality. First, you can send a letter to your state representative and senator asking them to support efforts to reform property taxes in Florida. TAKE ACTION!

Next is a citizen-sponsored petition that voters can download, sign and send in. The petition

needs to be printed, filled out, signed and sent to the address below by January 23rd.

P.O. Box 10585
Riviera Beach, FL 33419

If the petition effort does not get enough signatures, there are still other options for property tax reform. One option includes targeting the Florida Taxation and Budget Reform Commission and the other is to target the Florida state legislature.

The FTBRC is composed of 20 officials who have the power to place the property tax relief issue on the ballot for this November. You can send the commission letters in support of property tax relief by clicking here!

Help us send a message to the elected officials in Florida that the citizens of this great state deserve real property tax reform. Also, please forward this to five friends that might be willing to help with this important campaign!

Tom Gaitens
FreedomWorks Florida
Field Coordinator