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Press Release

Wisconsin Senate Democrats Want New Taxes on Individuals and Businesses

This week, Wisconsin Senate Democrats are planning to push a budget plan that would raise taxes significantly for both citizens and businesses. Currently Wisconsin has the eighth heaviest tax burden. If the Democrat tax scheme is realized, Wisconsin would become the highest taxed state in the nation. FreedomWorks, a grassroots organization based in Washington, DC with 11,000 members in Wisconsin, urges Wisconsinites to fight the new tax plan.

The Wisconsin Senate budget plan will not only levy high taxes, but it will take measures to institute a socialized health care plan in Wisconsin. According to the Tax Foundation, this system is expected to cost a shocking $30 billion over the next two years.

In the short term both small and large businesses will be subject to a 14.5 percent payroll tax with four percent coming directly out of employee paychecks. With projected cost increases, tax rates in the medium and long term will continue to soar, hurting Wisconsin’s ability to compete regionally, nationally, and globally.

Illinois recently voted down similar legislation. Wisconsin’s Democrats must realize what officials in Illinois learned- such an anti-business measure would make the health care system worse than it is already and harm the economy. Government is already the largest buyer and seller of health insurance in the country. Perhaps it is time to get government out of the way and let the market work to provide health care to Wisconsinites.

Matt Augustine, FreedomWorks Congressional Action Team Leader, commented:

“Wisconsin Democrats are just trying to appease their national party leaders. Their extreme taxes and foolish approval of single-payer socialized health care will hurt Wisconsin taxpayers and businesses. I urge every Wisconsinite to call their representatives and tell them to stop trying to increases taxes.”