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Press Release

    Tell Your Representative to Repeal the Death Tax


    The ink has yet to dry on Bill Clinton’s veto of Congress’s bill to eliminate the marriage penalty and now he has vetoed H.R. 8, “The Death Tax Elimination Act,” which would have gradually eliminated the Death Tax over the next 10 years. H.R. 8 is scheduled on the House floor for an override vote on September 7th.

    Against the tide of bi-partisan support in Congress to eliminate the Death Tax, the administration keeps repeating the stale class-warfare rhetoric that these tax cuts will “benefit the rich.”

    But recent polls show that Americans overwhelmingly support repealing this punitive tax on hardworking business and farm owners.

    There are at least ten solid reasons to repeal the death tax:

    1. The death tax is unfair.

    2. The death tax is a tax on American values, a virtue tax, a tax on the American dream.

    3. The death tax is anti-jobs and anti-entrepreneurship.

    4. Minority-owned firms are particularly hard hit by the death taxes.

    5. The death tax collects only a small percentage of federal revenues.

    6. The compliance costs of the death tax actually cost the economy more than what it collects for the U.S. Treasury.

    7. There’s a lot of lawyers getting rich off of the death tax.

    8. The death tax is anti-family.

    9. Repealing the death tax would create new jobs and spur the U.S. economy.

    10. The Death Tax is out of step with our new, investor-based economy.

    To learn more about the ten reasons to repeal the Death Tax, read the article, “It’s Time to Bury the Death Tax,” @

    What can you do?

    First, Call the House of Representatives switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and tell your representative to vote yes on H.R. 8, “The Death Tax Elimination Act.”

    Second, tell your friends, neighbors, and local entreprenuers to call their representatives and urge them to save family businesses and farms by voting for the Death Tax Elimination Act.

    Third, call in to a talk-radio program or write a Letter to the Editor in support of repealing the Death Tax.

    Spread the word: Repealing the death tax is the right thing to do for American family farms, businesses, and the new economy. It is also the right thing to do to protect American values at a minimal cost to the U.S. Treasury.

    For a complete list of how all the house members originally voted on the Death Tax bill (HR 8) click on the following link:
    CSE State Chapter U.S. Representatives who voted against the Death Tax Repeal

    * Denotes that the Representative did not vote.

    Representative State District
    Hilliard AL 7
    Becerra CA 30
    Berman CA 26
    Cunningham* CA 51
    Dixon CA 32
    Filner CA 50
    Lee CA 9
    Matsui CA 5
    Millender-McDonald CA 37
    Miller CA 7
    Napolitano CA 34
    Packard* CA 48
    Pelosi CA 8
    Roybal-Allard CA 33
    Sherman CA 24
    Stark CA 13
    Waters CA 35
    Waxman CA 29
    Brown FL 3
    Davis FL 11
    Hastings FL 23
    Meeks FL 17
    Thurman FL 5
    Wexler FL 19
    Price NC 4
    Watt* NC 12
    Blumenauer* OR 3
    DeFazio OR 4
    Wu OR 1
    Bentsen TX 25
    Doggett TX 10
    Edwards TX 11
    Frost TX 24
    Gonzalez TX 20
    Green TX 29
    Hinojosa TX 15
    Jackson-Lee TX 18
    Johnson, E.B. TX 30
    Ortiz TX 27
    Reyes TX 16
    Rodriguez TX 28
    Stenholm TX 17
    Dicks WA 6
    McDermott* WA 7