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2020 Democrats Have All the Wrong Ideas for the Budget

BY Adam Brandon

It’s no secret that the two dozen or so 2020 Democratic presidential candidates are promising a slew of new and expanded government programs that are often “universal” and “free.” Americans should be skeptical when they hear these buzzwords, which are code for “rationed” and “expensive” when Democratic presidential candidates talk about "Medicare for all," the so-called Green New Deal, and free college.

2 days ago
Op-ed Placement

The 2020 Candidates Are Ignoring Our Retirement Future

BY Clara Del Villar

The 23 Democratic presidential candidates tried to convince voters in their first debate that despite the strong economy, new lows in unemployment, and new highs in the stock market, they should worry more about economic insecurity. Because, they tell us, only a sliver of Americans are thriving in this most robust environment.