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Chuck Schumer: Democrats need to rally behind "strong and active government"

It's a little late for a mea culpa on ObamaCare, but Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) offered one during a speech at the National Press Club on Tuesday. Well, sort of. The third-highest ranking Senate Democrat says that his party should've focused on the economy in 2009 rather than ramming ObamaCare through Congress.

2 days ago
"Obama's Student Loan Plan Mirros the Housing Crisis"
"Remember what happened last time government interfered with interest rates?"

Obama's Student Loan Plan Mirrors the Housing Crisis

As I wrote some time ago, the market for student loans is a mess that is rapidly heading for a painful correction. The Obama administration’s misguided quest to provide higher education for all has distorted the cost calculations of college to a devastating degree. Yet, rather than recognize the dangerous bubble he has created, the president is now doubling down—backing a policy dreamed up by Elizabeth Warren to allow the refinancing of student loans en masse at current interest rates, and making up the cost with the “Buffet Rule,” a special provision that would ensure that millionaires pay a minimum income tax rate.

President Obama’s Budget: Hardly a “Grand Bargain”

President Obama’s Budget: Hardly a “Grand Bargain”

Like malfunctioning clockwork, President Barack Obama's new budget proposal has arrived (a little late) to provide us all with some comic relief. Aptly referred to as a "fantasyland" by POLITICO's David Nather, President Obama's budget hikes taxes, expands federal interference in education, increases the minimum wage, and bails out another federal agency. Sound appealing?