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64% of Americans believe there’s a “deep state” of gov employees pursuing their own interests and agendas

Americans Are Waking Up

Rasmussen Reports

More than half of the IRS’s audits in 2021 were taxpayers with incomes less than $75,00

The 87,000 New IRS Agents Aren't Going After the Rich

Washington Post

Group of 23 states tells U.S. court CDC lacks authority to set transit mask rules

End Medial Tyranny


Democrats can expect to lose 30 to 40 seats in the House & a few in the Senate

The Current Economy Spells Big Trouble for Dems in the Midterms


40% have no trust at all in the Federal Reserve to keep the U.S. out of a recession

Surely This Will Age Well


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FreedomWorks activists all share three common traits: a desire for less government, lower taxes, and more economic freedom. For nearly four decades, we have been hard at work to bring about positive change in Washington by way of grassroots energy.

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