Numbers You Need This Week

61% of TX Hispanics are bothered by the direction of the Democratic Party

Why? Welfare, Socialism & Too Much Focus on Identity Politics

TLC Poll

33% of Americans say they trust the Supreme Court more than the Presidency or Congress

Just 8% Trust Congress The Most

Rasmussen Reports

Applications for unemployment climbed by 14,000 to a total of 262,000

An Early Indicator of Where the Job Market’s Headed


83% of Republicans say the FBI Raid Increased Their Motivation for the Midterms

The People Have Had Enough

Trafalgar Poll

89% say Jan 6 hearings haven’t change their minds

Most Think They Were Just to Prevent Trump From Running Again


59% of Americans are very concerned about Biden’s Mental Health

The Gaffe-Prone Leader of the Free World...


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FreedomWorks activists all share three common traits: a desire for less government, lower taxes, and more economic freedom. For nearly four decades, we have been hard at work to bring about positive change in Washington by way of grassroots energy.

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