8 Ways To Be An Activist For Liberty In 2016!

Are you looking for a way to break out and bring change to your community, state, and nation? Afraid that you don’t know how to make an impact? Don’t know where you would even start? Here is your guide to maximizing the effort for conservative causes and the message of liberty in 2016.

8. Start a blog
The mainstream media has failed, and with the spin and spew from beltway insiders, real Americans can make a very real change by having their voice heard. Almost anyone and everyone can reach audiences their wildest imagination couldn’t conceive thanks to the internet. Whether you’re a social commentator, legislative monitor, or have a different take on a issue then the major pundits, blogging and having your own website can turn up the volume on your opinions. A great way to learn about how to get started blogging is by checking out this tutorial by Dr. Tom Woods. Your voice matters, let it be heard today!

7. Start a group for a cause
It’s amazing what can happen when a group of friends and like minded thinkers get together to create something amazing. We all have our natural "burdens", which are causes we feel a unique individual pull towards that only you understand. Embrace the internal struggle for justice and burden you feel upon yourself to make a difference. Whether it’s a group of friends who get together weekly for coffee, or a social media group to network resources, ideas, and connections, you can start a group or organization of your own to help champion a cause to bring liberty to your community today. One inspirational story is of a group of young college students who founded one of the largest, pro liberty, student activists organizations in the world. After all, the TEA Party movement was founded by people just like you and me!

6. Letters to the editor
This may sound old school, but it is often an ignored alternative. Thousands of local newspapers throughout the country are eager to fill up space in their paper. By sending a letter to the editor about something that concerns you, or even offering to write a guest op-ed, you are expanding the reach of the message of free enterprise and limited government.

5. Host a politics and policy BBQ or happy hour
Maybe you can’t write or run a grassroots organization, but you sure know about food! Hosting a happy hour or a BBQ is a great way to connect with friends, co-workers, and neighbors. While politics may not be something to liven the mood, sometimes it’s good to just start a conversation about the issues hitting your families, and discuss, learn, and get the conversation moving. It’s hard to be angry after everyone is fed! Maybe that’s the perfect time to talk about the Fed!

4. Sponsor a student group
I may seem not as fun or intimate, but money moves mountains. The best investment in liberty is an investment in the next generation. Many millennials aren’t politically active, but there are some amazing campus organizations like Young Americans for Liberty who are spreading the message of classically liberal, traditionally conservative ideas today and could use your financial support.

3. Become a FreedomWorks activist
The best way to stay informed and stay involved, becoming a FreedomWorks activist puts you in a coast to coast network of lovers of liberty, and is the best way to be part of the tip of the spear in the fight for your independence from big government. You can click here to read Matt Kibbe’s Rules for Patriots to learn about how to be an effective agent of change so you can win on principle. You can take your knowledge of democratic-republican fundamentals and Austrian business cycle to new lengths with FreedomWorks University .

2. Contacting your local representative
Contacting your elected officials individually or in a group puts the heat on your public servants. Far too often everyday American’s feel their concerns fall on deaf ears, but all you need to do is place a phone call, send a letter, or just show up in order to remind them that they answer to the American taxpayer.

1. Share a book
Books, letters, BBQs, and actually talking to people?!? It may sound like outdated and worn out ideas for social change, but everyone wants to be inspired in their lives and become the hero of their own story. My life changed when I read a book which was given to me, and I know many people who have similar stories. A book is easy to pass around, and has a personal touch. Sometimes books like Ron Paul’s the Revolution, and Matt Kibbe’s Don’t Hurt People can even bring someone around to being more inclined to liberty then ever before. Besides, do you really think your friends read all those political articles you post on Facebook? Of course not! Books are personal, and hard to reject. When you lend someone a book or give it as a gift, it appears like you care and want to make an investment in them. Besides, leaders are readers!