Numbers You Need This Week

Blake Masters wins 39.4% of the vote, making him the GOP Senate Challenger

Congrats Blake Masters!


58% of voters are worried the war in Ukraine will lead to war between Russia and the US

62% Rate Biden’s Handling of the Situation as Fair or Poor

Rasmussen Reports

Republicans +4 now leading on education

Voters are Losing Trust in Dems on Education

Battleground State Poll

Biden is proposing to add nearly 87,000 new IRS Agents

Financial Institutions Also Must Report More Info About Customers’ Accounts


Biden approval rating falls to NEW LOW of 35%

The Downward Spiral Continues

Yahoo Poll

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Key Votes

Top 2 Legislators

US Representative NC-9

Dan Bishop

  • Lifetime Score 100%

Senator KY

Rand Paul

  • Lifetime Score 98.4%

Bottom 2 Legislators

US Representative CA-15

Eric Swalwell

Senator MA

Ed Markey

  • Lifetime Score 10.6%