FreedomWorks activists from around the country, many from the top swing districts, joined members of the House Freedom Caucus for one purpose: to call on Congress to begin to get spending under control.

They didn’t ask for much: simply to return spending to pre-Covid levels, since our pandemic is over and everyone knows it. The era of $50-trillion debts, with roughly $1.5-trillion in interest payments, is coming fast, and for the sake of our children and grandchildren, this needs to be taken seriously.

What You Can Do:

FreedomWorks activists have been driving actions towards Speaker McCarthy, Majority Leader Scalise, and Majority Whip Emmer over the past month and a half. However, we need you to deliver this important message to YOUR member of congress. You can do this through our easy-to-use advocacy system by filling out the form below. (It may take a few seconds to load—thanks for your patience!):

What You Need to Know:

Fiscal hawks in Congress are pushing for appropriations to pass at a FY22 topline level of $1.471 trillion. Right now leadership is pushing for appropriations to be drafted to a topline of $1.586 trillion then use $115 billion of “reallocated” rescissions to lower the topline.

  • Rescissions are pots of money that have already been appropriated in past legislation, think Inflation Reduction Act etc. What leadership is proposing is to redirect these pots of money to be spent elsewhere so we are only spending a new $1.47 trillion.
  • The analogy that most people might understand is to consider rescissions as coupons.
    • Ex: America is a family making $100,000, but is spending an average of $120,000 a year, driving them into debt.
    • Fiscal conservatives are saying the family needs to set a yearly budget of $90,000 at max to start paying off its debt.
    • Leadership is saying the family can keep spending $110,000 a year if they use $10,000 in coupons and they can worry about the debt later.
    • Fiscal Conservatives aren’t against rescissions (or coupons), but they shouldn’t be used to justify more spending.

Appropriations bills must be set at a true FY22 level, Why? 

  • The size and spending of the federal government exploded during and after COVID. This is our first real – and likely only – chance to slow down this growth.
  • Democrats intentionally funded a bloated federal bureaucracy, and if we don’t reset discretionary spending now, Republicans are effectively accepting and enshrining absurd COVID levels.
  • We now have a chance to rein in out of control spending in the federal government in the wake of COVID. We saw spending skyrocket during COVID, and it has not returned back to normal levels. The COVID crisis is over, and we cannot allow the federal government to continue its current trajectory of growth.

The federal bureaucracy under the Biden administration is weaponized. It is using taxpayer dollars to push a woke agenda and targets people who do not agree with what they are doing.

  • We must have an open process for amendments on the floor to allow further cuts. We have not had an open amendment process on appropriations since 2016, and the result is that Members are not engaged or empowered to cut the woke and bloated federal government.
  • Base discretionary spending has skyrocketed almost 33% since FY18, when Republicans last controlled the House and passed full appropriations.

Bottomline: we must restore pre-pandemic levels of spending in Washington.