Big Weekend in Louisiana

Over the past weekend, FreedomWorks made its way to Louisiana to do some trainings and meetings with local activists gearing up for a state and national education reform campaign.  Allen Page, FreedomWorks South East Regional Director, held three grassroots trainings across the state in Lafayette, Lake Charles and Baton Rouge.  During one of these trainings, over 20 different tea parties showed up, including over 150 total activists!

Local volunteer activists were trained on everything from grassroots techniques and Get Out The Vote strategy to school choice policy.  FreedomWorks provided activists with a variety of school choice materials, including t-shirts, bumper magnets, palm cards, and our grassroots manifesto, “Rules for Patriots.”

Dedicated local leaders Joyce Krawiec, Gloria and Garmen Cyrprian, along with Louisiana Grassroots Network Chairman Robin Edwards, each held information sessions on the importance of school choice and spent time signing up new activists to join the fight to pass school choice legislation in Louisiana.  

It was a privilege to spend time with these leaders, who are gearing up for what promises to be a long fight to advance school choice legislation in the upcoming session.  The enthusiasm on the ground around building these networks shows the energy and demand for a market-based education system that is not run by government bureaucrats.  

This weekend proves once again that FreedomWorks and local activists are working hard locally in their communities effecting real change.  As FreedomWorks staff travels to meet these wonderful people, it is becoming even clearer that they are focused, and determined to help make a difference and help take America Back one community at a time!  

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