BlogCon – Training and Inspiring the Next Generation of Online Activists

This past weekend in Charlotte North Carolina, FreedomWorks partnered with the Franklin Center to bring together over 250 bloggers, social media experts, grassroots and online activists.

This years event featured many of the top names in the conservative movement; those people who are expanding our reach into the media, the culture and changing the narrative.   Check out this short video of just a few of the memorable moments. 

At FreedomWorks we believe in order to change the direction of our country we must move from the political space and begin to invade the cultural space. The training and expertise shared at BlogCon is equipping the next generation of activists to do exactly that.  We’re dedicated to giving you the tools to be successful in your circle of influence.  Thank you to all who attended this years event. Read what people are saying: 

Stay tuned to find out what we’re up to next!