Broadband Policies Should Promote Competition, Not Big Government

The Federal Communicatiions Commission (FCC) recently requested comments on a Notice of Inquiry entitled, “A National Broadband Plan for Our Future.”  FreedomWorks Foundation filed comments in this proceeding, urging the FCC to avoid regulatory impediments on broadband deployment.  The broadband market is dynamic and fast paced; new FCC regulations could hamper this growth and reduce the vital capital investments required to expand the nation’s broadband networks.  Rather than attempting to apply old monopoly based models to today’s competitive markets, the FCC should focus on removing barriers to competition, implementing competitive solutions to policy questions, and allowing the private sector to more effectively allocate scarce broadband resouurces to the most highly valued uses.  In addition, efforts to establish “net neutrality” should be avoided, because they threaten the ability to manage dynamic networks effectively.

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