Call Congress: Oppose the DISCLOSE Act

As you’ve probably read and heard on the news or talk radio, there is a bill looming in Congress that poses a serious threat to our freedom of speech, as protected by the First Amendment. H.R. 5175, the DISCLOSE Act, is the brain-child of Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D, MD-8), who as Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is tasked with getting Democrats elected to Congress. The bill is a clear partisan political tool that would further expand government’s reach into Americans’ daily lives by restricting political giving and involvement in elections.

The worst restrictions conveniently hit corporations and conservative groups the hardest, while traditional Democrat allies such as the unions are immune. Particularly when it comes to new reporting requirements and prohibitions on campaign activities the DISCLOSE Act specifically lets unions off the hook. For all others, the DISCLOSE Act means new regulations and unconstitutional restrictions on political speech.

Take Action  and call your lawmakers today to oppose the DISCLOSE Act.

A closed-door carve-out deal was recently expanded to include other membership organizations as well, likely making FreedomWorks exempt from these terrbile restrictions. But the expansion of special treatment is no reason to support an infringement on our freedom of speech. You can’t “carve out” limited allowances on free speech. We are still standing up for the rights of all to free expression.

The DISCLOSE Act is a desperate play by Democrats looking to limit losses in this election cycle by trampling all over Americans’ First Amendment rights. It is especially import to fight this battle on behalf of the Tea Party movement. The millions of citizen activists around the country represent a living, breathing defense of the timeless virtues of the First Amendment. We can’t allow the DISCLOSE Act to penalize anyone for their political associations or discourage them from taking part in our democratic process.

As of right now, it looks like Speaker Pelosi will be trying to bring the DISCLOSE Act to the floor for a vote this week. It is imperative that your legislators hear from you TODAY.