Code Red Rally Pictures

FreedomWorks joined with thousands of others yesterday to protest the government takeover of healthcare.  Starting in the morning, many groups tried to get a face-to-face visit with their Senator after traveling all this way, taking time off from work, and getting here on their own dime.  A major frustration among the grassroots has been the way it feels like our leaders aren’t listening.  Yesterday proved to be no different as in office after office, visitors were pawned off on staff members or encouraged to just leave a comment or write a letter. 

After the Code Red Rally at Upper Senate Park, a now massive wave of activists swarmed the Senate office buildings to be heard.  It’s unclear whether our message will ever reach legislator ears, but we certainly won’t stop trying.  Tonight, in many communities around the country, candlelight vigils are being held outside Senate district offices to protest ObamaCare and mark the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party.


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