Connecting With Our FreePAC Ohio Team

This last weekend in Cincinnati Ohio over 6,500 grassroots volunteers and FreedomWorks supporters joined us for over six hours of training and inspirational presentations.  Using our livestream technology located on our FreedomConnector platform, an additional 20,000 members watched and participated in real time discussion and interactions. 

As a continued service to our membership, we want to make available to you the twitter handles of our staff presenters, speakers and blogger network in order for you to keep track of what they’re up to and connect with them in the future.  

Speakers and Presenters

FreedomWorks CEO and author of Hostile Takeover Matt Kibbe @mkibbe

TV Host and founder of @TheBlaze Glenn Beck @GlennBeck

Deneen Borelli @deneenborelli  Author of Blacklash

Radio talk show host and Breitbart Editor, Dana Loesch @dloesch

Harmon Kaslow @HarmonKaslow Producer of Atlas Shrugged @AtlasShrugged

Katie Pavlich @KatiePavlich author of Fast and Furious

Reverend CL Bryant @RevCLBryant and The Runaway Slave @arunawayslave

Comedian Jeff Allen @JeffAllenComedy

Writer and online activist Kurt Schlichter @KurtSchlichter

Journalist and rabblerouser extraordinaire Jeremy Segal @rebelpundit

Singer/Songwriter Beau Davidson @BeauDavidson

Representative David Schwiekert @RepDavid

Ohio State Treasurer, Josh Mandel @Josh4Senate

Training from FreedomWorks Staff

Amanda Shell @amandabshell GOTV and Campaigns Manager

Jackie Bodnar @jackiebodnar  Press Secretary

Kristina Ribali @KristinaRibali Director of New Media

Easton Randall @EastonRandall Government Affairs Assistant 

It takes a huge team effort to pull off these events.  You can find all our staff here.  We encourage you to follow them for the latest information, and knowing our staff, you’ll get a chuckle or two from their tweets as well. Promise. 

Blogger network at the event

Jeff Reynolds @ChargerJeff

Loren Heal @lheal

Jason Pye @jaseliberty

Donlyn Turnbull @drtysxypolitics

Fingers Malloy @fingersmalloy

Thomas LaDuke @irishduke2 of FTR Radio @FTR_Radio

Amelia Hamilton @AmeliaHammy

Teri Christoph @TeriChristoph

Kemberlee Kaye @red_red_head

Jason Hart @jasonahart

Chad Kent @chadkentspeaks

Brandon Morse @cnservativepunk founder of @MisfitPolitics

April Gregory @aprildgregory

Leah Sargeant @gopfirecracker

John Brodigan @Brodigan of The Right Hook Radio @RightHookNY

Please follow these great contributors as well as follow @FreedomWorks for the latest information, blog posts and news about FreePAC and coming events. 

Next stop on the FreePAC tour:  FreePAC Illinois!