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Press Release

Boehner Resigns Because of Grassroots Pressure and the House Freedom Caucus

Following news that Speaker Boehner will resign from Congress as of the end of October, FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon commented:

"This is an example of grassroots politics at its best and is a huge victory for the House Freedom Caucus. This is one of the greatest changes that's happened in Washington. The old go along get along ways are over because people realize that kicking the can down the road doesn't work."

"At the beginning of the year, conservatives were mocked for trying to oust Boehner from the speakership. Now we see that punishing principled members didn't work. This brings a new era of Members being responsive to their constituents and upholding their promises."

"Speaker Boehner was not responsive to what activists wanted, and it shows through the terrible approval ratings of Congress. We need a new speaker that represents the entire caucus, not just the special interests in Washington. "

"At the beginning of the year, and again over the past several months, our activists have been bombarding Congress asking their representatives to oust Boehner from the speakership. This is because of them, and whoever becomes the new speaker needs to keep this in mind. Washington is run by the people, not politicians and special interests."

kanawah's picture

Yes the representatives are responsive to their constituents, the rich oligarchs. They are not responsive to the people who elected them. They are responsive to the people who BOUGHT them.

Boehner was a bad speaker, but if McCarthy is the replacement, he will be much much worse.