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Coalition Letter: Stop the FCC's Net Neutrality Regulation

FreedomWorks has signed on to the following coalition letter (organized by Americans for Tax Reform) to ask Congress to assert its authority to halt the FCC's rule-making process with regard to its proposed Net Neutrality regulation.

Hk40cal's picture
jeff koch

I commend this letter.. but, Washington isn't listening. the only way too preserve this country...without a violent revolution...Elections... Elections have consequences. 4 million dumbA@@ republicans didn't vote for Romney...why, WHO The F*censored*K knows...I hope they'er not the new welfare addicts..

Harold Hoffman's picture
Harold Hoffman

The way to control us is first control the guns and than control the internet, if we let this happen its over. I think we start by staying off the social networks and the big search engines. For a year I have been using the non tracking private search engine for my privacy. Have a nice day

Hk40cal's picture
jeff koch

first you control information...Then thought....Then they'll come after our guns...

stonestone's picture
stone stone

Just some general statements. Interesting news coming out these days. As of now it appears that most of the "tea party" candidates supported by the likes of freedomworks and other tea party groups stand to lose against the so-called "establishment" Republicans. Furthermore the GOP got wise and even though the bulk of the Tea party is funded by outside interests and manipulation, the GOP was able to raise and spend more. Hence all that work will come to not.
As a Democrat I'm not sure some of you tea party folks realize what a big favor you've done for us. Instead of the GOP spending time debating Democrats they've instead had to spend more of that time shooing away tea party candidates. The results is the Democrats got a free gift out of this.
In other news there are rumors that some tea party organizations are not only having financial problems but that some also spent millions on right wing radio and TV shows- so in other words- they paid commentators to represent them.

Anyway... guess I just wanted to stop and say thanks. Looks like the Tea party was an interesting experiment on behalf of billionaires who thought they could pull one over on American voters via creating a make-believe "grass roots" movement. Too bad that experiment appears to have failed. It would behoove those billionaires to keep their money and stay out of politics...