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Conference Call with Rep. Jeff Landry - Listen to the Call Here!

Last Monday, the 6th of February, FreedomWorks' Vice President Max Pappas held a conference call with Rep. Jeff Landry of Louisiana and hundreds of our members.  Congressman Landry gave an update on how things are going in Congress, and also discussed his bill the SSPICE Act, which addresses the payroll tax cut.  We received a lot of positive feedback from those who called in to listen, and we’d like to share the full audio of the call for those who weren’t able to attend:

In particular, FreedomWorks is excited about Rep. Landry’s SSPICE Act, which turns the payroll tax cut into an opt-in program.  Under this bill, each year, taxpayers may choose to keep their two percent payroll tax holiday, and their eligibility for Social Security benefits is pushed back by one month in order to offset the amount that they would have paid into Social Security.  Those who choose not to receive the payroll tax holiday will receive their retirement benefits at the normal scheduled date.  This program allows people to keep more of their own money each year while not affecting the rest of Social Security’s recipients, a winning situation for everybody on the contentious issue of the payroll tax.

TAKE ACTION: Click on these links to tell your Congressman and Senators to cosponsor the SSPICE Act