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Fairness for All – Including Capitol Hill Staff?

Speaker John Boehner is trying to push a new phrase into the political lexicon. No, it’s not “twerking.” 

“Fairness for all” is the tagline Boehner’s used ever since the President delayed Obamacare’s employer mandate. “[T]he House has acted to authorize the president’s delay and to provide a similar delay for the rest of America. This is about fairness. If the president’s going to give relief to businesses, he ought to give relief from these harsh mandates to families and individuals, too.”

The two groups quickest to whine about fairness are politicians and toddlers, but at least toddlers have the excuse of inexperience. As much as I don’t care for “it’s not fair” complaints, the Speaker has a point. Since Obama delayed the employer mandate it’s only proper that he also delay the mandate for all Americans.

But Boehner curiously left out another group getting preferential, “unfair” treatment. This pampered class hasn’t merely been exempted for one year — they can ignore Obamacare forever. True “fairness for all” would demand that all Americans be treated the same as these precious little snowflakes. 

I speak of course about the members of Congress and their staffers.

The Not-So-Affordable Care Act included a provision that would have cost each member of Congress and each staffer from $5,000 to $11,000 per year. Capitol Hill demanded an exemption, warning of a “brain drain” that would force staffers to flee public “service” and find productive employment.

Seeing his fellow aristocrats in trouble, the President swooped in at the 11th hour to ensure political elites wouldn’t have to live under their shining legislative achievement. 

They liked their health care plan, so they could keep it — unlike the rest of us schlubs.

As Boehner tries to get #FairnessForAll trending on Twitter, remember that there is only one fair solution: defunding Obamacare. Unfortunately, the Speaker isn’t endorsing that option. 

In a recent conference call with House Republicans, he warned that the upcoming continuing resolution shouldn’t be a do-or-die fight over Obamacare spending. One person on the call said Boehner “didn’t rule it out, but indicated to members that defund through CR is not the best strategy.”

Sorry Mr. Speaker, but Obamacare is a do-or-die fight —quite literally if you count the death panels. House and Senate Republicans need to oppose any spending bill that contains Obamacare funding.

Grassroots conservatives sent these politicians to Washington in order to repeal this train wreck. The longer it rolls down the tracks, the better chance it will take the whole country down with it.

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