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A Farewell from Tabitha Hale: I'm Moving On!

I came into politics by accident. I loved the music industry, and thought I was going to do music forever. Somehow, after the 2008 race started to spark my initial interest in politics, I wound up in this Tea Party world. Since jumping into the game with Smart Girl Politics, it has been a ride I wouldn't change for the world.

A little over two years ago, I moved to DC and came on board with FreedomWorks. My time here has been incredible. When I think about what this amazing team has accomplished since 2009 when I joined, I am in awe. We've fought hard for freedom and the candidates that love it. Our team has doubled in size in the past two years, and the energy level never seems to diminish.

It has been an honor and a privilege to fight alongside the FreedomWorks team and the thousands of activists that have made this possible. From speaking at rallies in parking lots, to watching a crop of Tea Party candidates take office in 2010, to hosting hundreds of the best bloggers on the internet at BlogCon 2010 and 2011, it has been a ride I'll never forget; being a small part of the growth of this movement is awesome and humbling.

With this in mind, I am thrilled to announce that I have accepted a position as a New Media Director with the Franklin Center. I will be working from North Carolina and moving in just a few short weeks. I'm excited to be on board, and can't wait to take the next step alongside an awesome group of people.

Thanks to everyone at FreedomWorks. I look forward to continuing the fight alongside them, and working together on future endeavors. 

Please take a second to check out the Franklin Center and the awesome work that is going on there. 

A job description will be posted soon to fill the New Media Director position. Keep an eye out if you think you're a good fit. ;)

"Tea Party Becky" Gerritson

Comment on this post...
You will be missed! It has been a pleasure knowing you. Hope to hear about your work at the Franklin center. I wish you the best!
Becky Gerritson
Wetumpka TEA Party (Alabama)

Tabitha Hale

Thanks so much everyone! You guys are awesome. :)

Marooned in Marin

Congratulations Tabitha, on your new job and thanks for all your great work with FreedomWorks. All the best to you!

Bruce Carroll

Wow! I'm not sure how FW will survive! You will be missed!!

Jason B. Whitman

Tabitha, congratulations on your new position and also for all the good work with FreedomWorks.

Duane Lester

Congratulations, Tabitha.

I look forward to seeing what you can do in North Carolina. You have done so much with FW, it will be hard to top it. I have faith in you.

Best of luck to you.

Michelle Lancaster

You will greatly be missed at FW, but the Franklin Center is lucky to have you! Good luck in your future endeavors and thanks for all that you've done ... and will be doing at FC. :)

Dean Clancy's picture
Dean Clancy

Tabitha, once you're part of the FreedomWorks family, you're always a part of the FreedomWorks family. There is no escape, bwahaha.