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FreedomCast - The IRS, the White House and Your Private Financial Information

CJ Ciamarella On today’s edition of the FreedomCast, CJ Ciaramella joins me to discuss the latest revelations in the IRS targeting scandal, whether the White House received confidential taxpayer information against the law and if there’s any chance the DoJ will act to protect your privacy. 

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Maximum Sebastian

Great Cast Kristina. At the risk of shattering a cardinal rule of pundintatry, I'm going to speak for all of us who look to places like FreedomWorks and The Blaze....Keep the burner turned up under this story. You and CJ are correct in that if it weren't for the blogosphere and the new media we would all know a lot less about this mess than we do, as the powers that be would prefer it. It must not seem like it but people are paying attention out here, and appreciate the hard work.