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FreedomWorks Activist Punched at Peaceful Protest to Oppose BP Bailout


On Tuesday, about 25 Freedomworks activists gathered outside Congressman Watt's Greensboro, NC office to protest another big bailout, aka, the Durbin Amendment. 

Here's the long and short of the amendment:

The Durbin amendment imposes a price control scheme on the fees oil companies and retailers pay when they accept payment by credit cards.  The amendment was conceived and pushed for by lobbyists for big oil companies and big retailers like BP and Wal-Mart.  Their goal is simple — shift the costs of accepting credit cards from their bottom line to the consumers.

For more information on the amendment, please go here, and here.

The real news here is who would have thought that protesting more government and big business collusion at the expense of taxpayers and consumers would be so controversial?

Apparently it was too much for one gentleman who shoved, and then proceeded to punch one of the demonstrators.  

The photos below were taken by a FreedomWorks leader - that looks like pretty menacing group!

BP Bailout Protest

They even went inside Congressman Watt's district office to talk personally to the staff, who don't appear to be threatened by the mob of constituents.

Watts visit

Show support for your limited government allies in North Carolina and stand up against big government bailouts with them - your lawmakers need to hear from you today!