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FreedomWorks Applauds Supreme Court Decision in Carpenter v. United States

WASHINGTON, DC - FreedomWorks applauds the Supreme Court decision today in Carpenter v. United States, which determined that the federal government cannot retrace the location of a person’s cell phone without a warrant. The ruling is a step forward in defense of Americans’ civil liberties.

Adam Brandon, FreedomWorks President, commented:

"Today's decision by the Supreme Court in Carpenter is a victory for Americans and the Fourth Amendment. If law enforcement wants an individual's cell phone records, they have to get a warrant. Otherwise, an individual has a reasonable expectation of privacy and his or her records aren't accessible under the previously established third-party doctrine."

"Justice Gorsuch's dissent is notable because he actually agrees with the majority, but he wanted to go a step further by ending the bad precedent established in two previous cases in the 1970s. The precedent established in these cases were used as the justification of warrantless surveillance conducted by the NSA. Nevertheless, this decision is still a significant victory."

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