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Press Release

FreedomWorks Launches Initiative to Support House Freedom Caucus Members

FreedomWorks today announced a new Freedom Caucus Initiative that will support and defend members of the House Freedom Caucus and like-minded Members of Congress dedicated to the advancement of conservative, pro-freedom policies.

“We’re excited to support and defend those brave individuals we have helped elect to Congress over the past few election cycles as they support and defend our principles and our Constitution,” said Adam Brandon, chief executive officer of FreedomWorks. “Our ability to aggressively and effectively engage in multi-platform campaigns on a large scale puts us in a unique position that we believe no one else can match.”

The House Freedom Caucus is comprised of Members of Congress who are actively championing the cause of personal and economic liberty, often against their own Republican leadership and the GOP conference. Their principled leadership often makes them a target not just for opponents in the other party, but also for establishment leaders seeking to protect the status quo.

“It’s important that these champions of freedom and liberty get all the support they need as they work to bring about real change in Congress,” continued Brandon. “If it's necessary to run TV ads in support of House Freedom Caucus members and their policy priorities then we'll do it. If it's necessary to engage FreedomWorks’ 6.9 million activists to support the House Freedom Caucus then we will do it. The goal with this initiative is to leverage FreedomWorks’ unique abilities to help the House Freedom Caucus and its members with whatever they need to win the battle to advance limited government and freedom.

FreedomWorks has made a commitment: We will support and defend the 30 or so House Members who have banded together to form the House Freedom Caucus. Principled Members of Congress, such as Reps. Jim Jordan (OH), Justin Amash (MI), Tim Huelskamp (KS), David Schweikert (AZ), Matt Salmon (AZ), Mark Meadows (NC) and Dave Brat (VA), will have the support of grassroots activists when they take hard votes.

“It’s important that we hold Congress accountable for the legislation they pass, and perhaps even more important that we provide a network of support for legislators who have the courage to stand up to the special interests on both sides of the aisle in Washington,” Brandon said. “Success in elections is not enough if we lose good votes in Congress as the GOP establishment threatens our freedom.”