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Press Release

Help Bring Telecom Competition to Alabama


Legislation has been introduced in Alabama that will allow consumers the benefits of telecommunications reform and increased competition in this vital sector of the economy.  HB 478 and SB 373 take a step in the right direction of getting government out of the way and will help promote investment and encourage innovation in the telecommunications market.


Technology has come a long way since Alabama’s telecommunications laws were last updated.  The current regulatory regime is badly outdated and reduces competition, investment, and innovation in telecommunications services.  As a result, laws written for another time are putting the breaks on exciting new technologies and ultimately consumers are left with fewer choices and less innovative products.

Contact your legislators and the governor TODAY and urge them to support HB 478 and SB 373!

Remind them that these bills take a de-regulatory approach and will streamline and modernize existing law to encourage economic growth and healthy competition.  They will strip out unnecessary and over-burdensome regulation that will better enable the free market to work in the telecommunications industry.  Especially in such turbulent economic times, Alabama consumers and the economy as a whole should reap the benefits of increased competition in the form of more choices, better service, and competitive prices!