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Press Release

Help Create a Competitive Marketplace for Telecommunications in Florida


For too long the Florida Public Service Commission has maintained a stranglehold on the state’s telecommunications market.  This vital sector of Florida’s economy moves much faster than government bureaucrats can keep up with, but still cumbersome regulations and oversight authority unnecessarily burden the marketplace, putting the Sunshine State at a competitive disadvantage with other states that have made regulatory reform a priority.

Fortunately, legislation is currently under consideration in the Florida Legislature that will allow consumers the benefits of telecommunications reform and increased competition.  HB 1465 and SB 2626 will help get government out of the way, promoting investment and encouraging innovation in the telecommunications market.


Floridians deserve the benefits of increased competition amongst telecommunications providers.  By removing regulatory barriers that the Florida Public Service Commission currently has in place, HB 1465 and SB 2626 go a long way towards leveling the playing field and making the market truly competitive.  Consumers will see the benefits through more choices and competitive pricing and service options.

In addition, streamlining telecommunications regulations has added benefit for Florida’s economy.  As companies see the state opening up the market and tearing down barriers to competition, Florida will become a more attractive option for them to invest in more jobs and infrastructure building as well.

Contact your legislators and the governor TODAY!

1.    Use FreedomWorks Toll-Free Hotline to the Florida Legislature – (866) 946-1928 – and ask to be connected with you legislators.  If you need help identifying your state legislators click here and use the “find your legislature” feature by entering your zip code.

2.    Send an important message to your legislators and the governor on this issue by clicking here and urge them to support HB 1465 and SB 2626!

Remind them that these bills take a de-regulatory approach and will streamline and modernize existing law to encourage economic growth and healthy competition.  They will strip out unnecessary and over-burdensome regulation that will better enable the free market to work in the telecommunications industry.  Especially in such turbulent economic times, Florida consumers and the economy as a whole should reap the benefits of increased competition in the form of more choices, better service, and competitive prices!