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Press Release

Help Fight Taxes and Spending in Oregon


I just wanted to take a minute and update you on our efforts to fight taxes and spending in Oregon. Many of you will be excited to learn that we are planning Taxpayer Tea Parties in multiple cities across Oregon! This is because of the overwhelming interest in joining our effort to fight wasteful government spending and the massive bailouts.

You can rsvp for these events by visiting and signing up to attend the tea party closest to you.

As CNBC's Rick Santelli pointed out, it's time for the American people
to defend free markets and take to the streets in protest!

SIGN UP NOW for the protest closest to you! We will send you updates
on the events as we get them.

Also, if you care about wasteful spending and higher taxes, you might
want to take a minute to send Governor Kulangoski a message. As you know, we’ve been closely following one bad idea after another that has come out of Salem.  First it was a massive cigarette tax hike.  Then it was plans for a tax on mileage, higher registration and title fees, a gasoline tax hike, and even an outrageous 1900% beer tax hike! 

So far, it’s been all taxes and no cuts that go after waste and the regulations that burden businesses in Oregon.  Now, rather than trying to lift the financial burdens of hurting Oregonians, legislators are floating more plans to rake in more cash.  These include raising the state income tax, an even bigger gasoline tax hike, and taking away Oregon’s kicker! 

States across the board are facing budget problems, but taking more money out of the pockets of people who are already struggling to make ends meet isn’t the answer.  Take Action and tell your elected officials that you oppose more tax and spend plans.  Like everyone else, Oregon’s leaders need to reexamine the books and stretch our dollars a little further.


Russ Walker                                                                                                                    Oregon State Director