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Press Release

Help Stop Tax Hike in Nassau County


County Executive Thomas Suozzi is planning to impose a new tax on cigarettes and a surcharge on traffic tickets in an effort to get some quick cash to fill Nassau County’s gaping budget deficit.  Like many other counties and municipalities across the country, Nassau is facing some tough times.  But you aren’t alone and raising taxes isn’t the answer.  Whether you smoke or not, you should be concerned about Mr. Suozzi’s tax and spend plan.

Please call Mr. Suozzi at 516-571-3131 and tell him you oppose this regressive tax.

It might be easy for politicians to think they can go after an unpopular minority of taxpayers to bring in more tax funds – but at the end of the day, those funds simply won’t be there.  Smokers will go across county lines to make their purchase, which hurt small businesses.  And statistically speaking, smokers tend to be amongst the poorest in a community.  Nassau County can’t ask this small group to shell out more and bear the financial burdens for everyone else. 

Instead of pursuing plans that take more money out of Nassau residents’ pockets and burden businesses, Mr. Suozzi should cut waste and roll back regulations making Nassau a great place to do business and live.

At the end of the day, when the money Mr. Suozzi was counting on isn’t there, he’s going to try to raise other taxes.  These nanny-state ideas always lead to bigger, badder taxes that will hurt Nassua County.  We need to nip this one in the bud and hold the line now.  Please call Mr. Suozzi at 516-571-3131 and tell him Nassau doesn’t need this new tax.

If families and businesses have to stick to a budget and make tough decisions, Nassau County should do the same. 

Join the Taxpayer Tea Party Movement:
If you haven’t signed up yet – please go to and sign up for a tea party near you. Thousands of people have been turning out for taxpayer tea parties around the country to protest the Obama agenda of high taxes and bailouts.  If you would like to host a taxpayer tea party protest your your area, please email us for details. Come out on tax day and join others to show you oppose these big government plans.

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