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Hillary Clinton's College Tuition Plan Flunks Econ 101

Originally Published in Investor's Business Daily on 8/17/15.

'There ain't no such thing as a free lunch," economist Milton Friedman was fond of saying.

What he meant was that every policy has a cost, and that cost should be carefully considered. It is easy to be deceived by lofty promises while disregarding what it takes to fulfill them.

With her latest proposal for higher education changes, Hillary Clinton is employing the Santa Claus strategy of promising Americans free money in exchange for their votes.

In a nutshell, she wants to spend $350 billion to directly reduce tuitions at universities across the country and eliminate the need for student loans.

Grover Syck's picture
Grover Syck

Hillary's tuition plan is right on the money. (no pun intended)
The US is the only developed nation not to have either free or reduced cost tuition at public universities, and we are paying the price through our kids not being able to afford college, and the resulting lost production because of lack of proper education.

This should be a prioriy for all members of congress

stonestone's picture
stone stone

Couger.... Make all the childish "liberals" comments you want. All I have to do is point you to who is leading in the GOP polls. I think conservatives have got a much, much greater issues to deal with- like having real canidates- before they can start talking about policy let alone criticize hillary's.

stonestone's picture
stone stone

At least she has actual plans versus the supposed GOP candidates, running around acting like clowns

cougertwo's picture

The gullibility of the liberal mind is astounding. You guys take a pie-in-the-sky "promise" that is nothing but an empty campaign lie from the mother of liars as a PLAN??? OMG...I'm LMAO. Oh, and I'm not saying the GOP has a plan either. You'd think we Americans would have learned by now that you can't believe a word ANY politician says, especially on the campaign trail....!!!!

Amsurf's picture

Says the stoner who thinks stealing your money to pay for someone else's education is actually a plan. Socialism at it's finest!